Computer randomly shuts down and programs stop working constantly..

I am having a big issue with my computer. I originally ran windows xp professional until i upgraded to adobe cs5 and needed to switch to windows that i have windows 7 my programs stop working constantly. if i'm working in photoshop on a large photo the screen will go blank and a bubble will pop-up saying "driver stopped working but has started working again" and a lot of times photoshop, illustrator, and FL Studio will stop working and need to be shut down and started again. i've noticed sometimes when the computer is on overnight i'll wake up and it will be off. when i turn on the computer it will say that it didn't shut down properly. i was in the process of doing batch photo edits and it shut down on me right in the middle so i've got to figure out the problem. any help would be greatly appreciated since i use this computer for freelance graphic design and photography. here are my specs.

windows 7 home premium build 6.1.7600 64 bit

motherboard: nForce 750i SLI

intel core2 cpu 6400 @ 2.13 GHz

6GB of RAM

display: NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS

Thanks in advance i've got to figure this out. no viruses that i know of.

Captain Jack

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Hi there,

Most of the time "driver stopped working but has started working again" used ot cause due to a bad Video card driver or the card itself. So I would recommend to remove it completely use this guide nVidia Driver Cleanup Guide | Captain Debugger

thanks a lot i'll try to see if that's the problem. could it be that the video card isn't good enough for the adobe cs5 products?

what about the programs stopped working problem and shutting down? i'm wondering if i'm tryin to do too much with my system if maybe i need a better processor or something.


anybody else with some help as to why the programs stop working a lot and screencomputer shuts down?

do i need a better processor or better cooling fan?

i have 6 gb of ram. i know my motherboard is a little older and it's a dual core processor

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