Configure roaming profiles, folder redirection and offline files


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I have been 'googling' for sometime looking for an answer to this issue but would like to ask for help here. What I am trying to achieve is to setup roaming profiles, folder redirection and offline files with all 3 working together.

The system involves a Windows Server 2012 R2 domain controller with active directory (using group policy to apply the settings I am asking about) and several Windows 7 Professional laptops.

The domain is HBS-GB.
There is a network file share at \\HBS-GB.local\fs\

this contains...

\\HBS-GB.local\fs\FolderRedirection\firstname.lastname\ (to store the users documents pictures music downloads etc)

\\HBS-GB.local\fs\RoamingProfiles\firstname.lastname\ (to store the users profile appdata ntuser.ini etc)

\\HBS-GB.local\fs\UserDrives\firstname.lastname\ (to store a network U:\ drive for each user)

I have the knowledge on the 3 functions individually but am asking if it is possible to have all 3 working together?

The end result would mean all users profiles, documents and U drive contents are stored on the network file share but on the laptops where the policy i want to apply would go, it would also locally cache the profile, docs and U drive using Offline files so that when the laptop users leave the network they can still access their documents, U drive and still get logged on with their profile (not a temp profile which happens at the moment, when the laptops are off the network as they can't access the server and don't locally store the profile)

Please let me know if you need any more info.

Thanks for any help.