Connect 2nd Laptop via USB Wireless Dongle (Stick)


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All, please help if you can, I want to connect a second laptop to the Internet but have one only USB wireless device, do I have to use a cross over cable to link the 2 PC's together or is there a better way.
Appreciate any advice. Thanks Garry

We need a little bit more information on your internet setup up please. Do you have a modem? Do you have a wireless router? What type of wireless connection to the internet do you currently have? Does both of your laptops have built in wireless capabilities?


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If your laptop you want to connect to has built in wireless capabilities you should be able to type in the keyphrase which I believe you will find on the side of your modem. As bassfisher has said more information on your setup would help.


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Thanks for the replys and apologise for not adding enough data. We have no modem, no wireless router, connection to the internet is wireless via the USB modem/dongle stick, see JPG below. Both laptops have inbuilt
WI-FI wireless capability. The USB modem below connects to the internet ADSL2. There is no access point or capability to connect the second laptop unless I had some kind of router with a USB input to which I could connect the USB modem below and then connect both laptops via wireless. I think I could use a x over cable to link the 2 laptops cable however this losses the portability of the laptops.
Hope this helps.

telstra wireless modem.JPG



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I believe what you are attempting to do is to use one of your laptops as a wireless router/hotspot.
Actually windows 7 has that as one of it's native features but there is also a third party solution which many people have used with some success called Connectify
Just google "Turn Windows 7 into a wireless hotspot
Turn Windows 7 into a wireless router
Lifehacker as well as HowToGeek has some walkthrough step by step guides, or
Goggle Connectify
You should be able to use your wireless dongle in your laptop, plus your laptops wireless card to accomplish this.
Hope this helps.


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Here's an additional link you may find helpful that discusses the Windows 7 native application "Wireless Hosted Networks" coupled with ICS (Internet Connection Sharing). I've used both this method as well as Connectify successfully, the only issues seem to be that some adapters are not compatible.


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Thank you very much for the info. I will try your suggestions out

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