Connecting to Company Network/Server via Ethernet help

Ok so I recently updated my work laptop to Windows 7 ultimate (without making my company aware)

I done extensive research on the other work computers, installing software and trying to get as many applicable programs installed on my OS as the ones on the others

Note - All of the computers at work are running Windows XP

The Problem: Im able to access the internet through any wifi, and Im able to access the company inTRAnet when connecting the ethernet, but when I connect the ethernet/LAN cable I don't have access to the inTERnet and some inTRAnet links.

I've download and install many drivers, fixing some of my problems.

Recently I install GuardianEdge Drive encryption and Framework Client and now Im able to get a valid IP address when i cmd/ipconfig


after installing GuardianEdge i was also able to get my network printer working. (I was able to locate it prior to installing, but i kept getting the error, windows couldn't find the needed driver) this point im thinking it's some kind of firewall configuration issue, but guys are way smarter than me regarding this and I NEED YOUR're my last hope. I really don't want to go back to Windows XP



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It's likely a name resolution problem, so....
When you have the wireless connected (you've indicated that it works as expected) check your ip address information for that adapter, particularly where it is pointing for DNS resolution, presumably your company's domain DNS server as preferred and possibly and external DNS server as an alternate.
Whatever the case, check and compare that information with the same information when you're connected using the Cat5 cable.
Keep us posted and welcome to the forums.


Thanks for responding. Hopefully these pictures will help you, help me.

This is cmd/ipconfig on my home wifi (THE ONE THAT I CAN ACCESS THE INTERNET)

homeWifi ipconfig.png

and Below cmd/ipconfig on my work ethernet (the one I CANT access the internet, I can only get some inTRAnet sites)
network2 ipconfig.PNG

and Finally, this is cmd/ipconfig on a desktop HP running windows XP that does have internet/intranet access using the ethernet

counter BO ipconfig.jpg

Youre the MAN Randy! i know you've got the answer


i noticed 3 things today

1. the properties for IPv6 is showing "no internet access" when im attached to the Ethernet on the Work network

2. when I try to go to a site like google, my computer is attempting to connect to a proxy us-okcth....(something) and it's say "it does not exist or is not available"

3. When its attempting to connect with the proxy i noticed "IronPort web security"
could a cisco IronPort router be an issue?


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Thanks for the images, but unfortunately nothing was showing any information regarding what you are using at work for DNS name resolution neither your machine nor the XP machine that is working and that's because you forgot the /all after the ipconfig
ipconfig /all
Now the other thing that you've discovered regarding a proxy server, if your browser is trying to use a proxy server that is non-existent then that can certainly be an issue.
In IE9 click the little gear thingie in the top right under the red x and choose internet options, then the Connections Tab, and the LAN settings button, uncheck all check boxes and OK your way back out of there and then close and reopen your browser.
As for the Cisco device, I let my CCNA expire back in 2003 so it's been a long time and I've never even heard of an IronPort, but as a general rule Cisco provides highly manageable routers with many tools, filters, access lists, etc., to support or prevent web access by any device inside it, so I suggest you talk to whoever is responsible for managing it and see if what you are seeing is normal regarding the IronPort Web Security splash screen


Does this help at all


worknetwork ipconfig-all 1 of 2.PNG

worknetwork ipconfig-all 2 of 2.PNG

Any suggestions???



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It helps in that it tells me what your IP addressing schema is and it all looks OK, but not good.
That particular addressing scheme with a subnet mask of
allows for 126 host excluding network IP and broadcast IP, leaving through, which is good in that it shows that your machine and gateway are at least on the same subnet, however, your two WINS server are on a different subnet which may account for some or your problems reaching some of your company's Intranet sites/pages, since unless the routers on both subnets are configured to pass WINS/NetBIOS, you'll get no help in name resolution from those two WINS servers.
But the real issues is top level name resolution DNS, and you are presently looking at and for that. You might first try to see if you can ping either or both (don't worry if you can't they might be configured to block ICMP) try pinging
Your best bet is to now compare that information with one of the XP machines on the same subnet that you say are all working fine and see if they are configured identically (excepting the actual IP address which must be unique to each node).
Or compare that same information with the information that is acquired by your wire less card which you indicated earlier worked fine when connect at work.
But your absolute best bet would be to contact whoever is responsible for managing this network since it is not your basic cookie cutter configuration (the IP addressing scheme indicates more complexity than normal). Even you DHCP server that is listed in your image is on a completely different subnet ( Class B private reserved) so that would be another item to examine when you compare configurations, making sure that other network nodes that seem to be working correctly are receiving their IP addressing scheme from the same DHCP server IP address.

Thanks for your help. I'll work on that and let you know my results. thanks

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