Connecting to XP network through WLAN?

Hi, this is my first post on this forum and hope for some help. I have a home network with 4 xp pro pcs. I have set up everything working very well through my D-Link 855 router. Now I bought myself a Netbook, Samsung N120, upgraded memory to 2GB and setup Windows 7 Ultimate, what nice OS. Reading other posts here on this forum I have now available all shares on my network, e.g all xp machines can read all shares from all xp machines and - what a surprise - I can access all shares on my Win 7 netbook from every xp machine. Also no problem accessing xp shares as well from my Win 7 netbook.

Now, what is my problem you might think? Well, the above mentioned fully working accesses ONLY work if I connect my Win 7 netbook by wire! As soon as I connect to my router through wifi (Realtek RTL8192E, latest Win7 drivers - 1676.8.821.2009) I can not discover any of my xp machines at all AND on my xp machines I do see my Win 7 netbook but cannot see any of my Win 7 shares!

I'm really frustrated about this. By wired connection everything is fine, but if I connect my Win 7 netbook the only thing available is that I see my win 7 netbook on my xp machines but not the shares. I've looked around for a solution but did not fin any. Please give me some help.


And they said everything was simpler in Win 7 :D

Hi again. Looks like the problem was easier than I thought. I first deactivated both Windows and also KIS (Kaspersky IS 2010) firewalls and now all XP and also my Win 7 pc can see and use each others shares, no problem. Then I first activated Windows firewall for public networks, then also Windows firewall for private networks, and still (also after reboot) all shares ok.
So... solution is to turn off KIS firewall! Now I have to find a solution to setup the KIS firewall correctly, and I'm not quite sure what to modify and how to odify. Maybe someone with knowledge of KIS can give me some advise?
I think maybe setup something under FIREWALL --> SETTINGS --> FILTERING RULES --> PACKET RULES ???

Thanks for some advise!


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