Connection in one room but not in another


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I just got a new HP laptop with windows 7 home and I get excellent connection in my living room (where my desktop is located) but as soon as i go into my room i still am connected but get 'no network access'. Then in a minute it totally disconnects. On an older laptop that is windows XP works perfectly fine in my room. Any suggestions?


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Yes agreed; need more info. I have a few things for you to investigate. One, how many other wireless devices do you have near wireless router...i.e. .... ps3, wii, cordless phone and even microwaves. These all run on the same frequencies as the router, could be some form of interference. Next; is your wireless router centrally located. If it's on one end of the house and your room is on another, could be having trouble receiving signal passing through all the walls and wiring in the walls. They do make some AC adapters that plug in and convert the house wiring to amplify wireless signal. I don't know if this works first hand. You could try to update your wireless adapter from HP's website.

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