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I just installed a new mobo, CPU, CPU cooler. On the old mobo my LAN port (RJ-45) the speed is/was 100mbps. Now on the new mobo the LAN port is a gigabit port. On kids old desktop running XP when you move the mouse over the network connection it will show you the connection speed of 100mbps. In vista it doesn't show this. Is there a way to find this. I am wanting to see the speed difference between the two mobo's.


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Network Sharing Center

Hi Bass ! I'm not sure if this is what you want. In "Network And Sharing Center" Off to the left hand side it says: Manage Network Connection Or Net Works. If you hit that it brings up, on mine-- Lan or High Speed Internet NVIDIA n Force 10/100 Mbps........

Thanks guys. I did some digging and found's good to know I can count you guys. I'm just so damn impatient.


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Glad we could help... :) That's what we are here for right? :)


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If you right click "Local Area Connection Status" it will bring up a more detailed screen......Similar to Kemicals, but smaller.

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