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Windows 7 Constant USB tone

Earthworm Makarov

New Member
May 23, 2009
I've just installed W7 RC x64 on an HP TX2500 tablet. It seems to have automatically installed all the relevant drivers. However, about every 10 seconds, I get the sound of a USB device being removed, and occasionally being inserted. Everytime that happens, the device manager tree, if I'm looking at it, collapses and reexpands. I'm not seeing if there's any difference on the tree when the tone sounds. All devices seem to be properly installed and updated.

Any thoughts? I've searched here and elsewhere, and haven't even seen this problem mentioned.
Same Issue!

I am having the exact same issue...have not found a solution yet
That's definitely odd. I'm using the latest RC x64 but I have the drivers from HP's website installed for the laptop. I can't say I noticed that happening before I installed the drivers. Try going out to their site to get all the latest drivers.

Do either of you have issues with touching the screen with your finger? The pen works fine but when I try to touch the right side of the screen with my finger it doesnt recognize it.
I actually have a desktop computer, not a laptop...no touchscreen functionality.
In my case, I discovered that Win7 did not automatically install the driver for my fingerprint reader. I don't use it, so I just disabled it.

@grimmwor- your situation might be a little different with a different Machine, but the lesson of my experience seems to be to look for drivers that win7 hasn't installed.

@eigbta- I believe that there are two separate touch systems/drivers. One for pen and one for touch (I'd think that it'd be the same, but I'm only vaguely informed, so whatever). You want to make sure that both "touch" and "digitizer" drivers are enabled/installed/updated.