Windows 7 Copy photo from My Pictures to Clipboard


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Feb 17, 2013
I have a needlework charting program what will convert a photo to a graph/chart.
The photo is in My Pictures. The program wants to import from Clipboard, not directly from pictures file folder. I have tried all I know.

Is this significant? When I click Start and All Programs, no Clipboard.
I do not see Clipboard in Office. Start-Search, no Clipboard.

I understand cut and paste, sent to, etc.
I do not understand Clipboard.

I would appreciate any ideas.
Thank you
When you cut/copy, the object is placed on the clipboard... If select "copy" on the picture, it is copied to the clipboard. The last version of Windows that had a clipboard viewer was XP.
So copy the picture and import it from the clipboard within the program.
My guess would be that this program has it's own Clipboard. Some programs do and use the word 'clipboard' to confuse us.
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