Correct ISO for Vista Business?


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I think I have downloaded the wrong windows vista iso, it seemed strange I had only installed 32bit when the laptop is 64, however upon finally geting internet access to it, it wont activate windows based on the registration key on the lable of the laptop. Is there anyway to get the proper iso or an easier way around activation? Thanks in advance.

Very strange upon shutdown it says Windows Vista Business.

Is it possible the key was rejected because the previous owner of the laptop kept using that key on another laptop?
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OK well I found a vista business iso, put it into vbox to see if my laptops sticker code would work and misteriously it installed vista without asking for it, then when i went to see the activation settings it says i only had three days to activate it so i presume its dodgy?


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I think I have discovered something strange, I read on the web the error message can have something to do with the time on the computer being wrong, well I have just noticed when running the dis defragmentor the computer on the defrag program says it is 16:30 but the actual time is 17:30, the clock in windows is correct time, the bios is correct time.


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It's not really silly, why would a company pay for resources to support something they don't support.