Correct Laptop Battery Maintenance


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Apr 21, 2009
Many manufacturers provided a laptop battery calibration program, a Windows version and BIOS version, it is best to use these programs to correction,

Use the correct charger
Notebook computer power consumption is much larger than cell phones, power needs and at the same time the battery is running at full speed to meet the machine's power supply requirements, various models of voltage, current, or even the interface is different, even the same interface, if the voltage and current lower than the nominal value of machinery, machine working at full speed when the battery may not be able to obtain sufficient charge current, which damage the battery is a great one. If the voltage and current much lower than the nominal value, or even find that simply can not boot to boot, or can not charge, please note the voltage and current machines must be in line with nominal value, with the plants of different products in general the same interface, but voltages and currents may be different, we must pay attention to this point!

laptop battery does not use long-term preservation methods
Or whether it is full of??, they are actually incorrect, put long-term preservation of photoelectric batteries will lose their activity, even lead to the control circuit protection self-locking and can not re-use, full of power will bring about long-term preservation of the security problems, the most the preservation of the ideal way is to discharge to about 40% and then save, lithium batteries fear humid and high temperature, it should be placed in a cool dry place to preserve, but the temperature is not too low B, otherwise the capacity will be greatly reduced, about 20 degrees Celsius is an ideal Storage Temperature.

laptop battery can not do so for their own batteries
The battery is a lot of people for such a deadly, manufacturers seem to expect someone to do so long ago, many brands of notebook battery design are self-locking function, once the batteries out of control circuit, the circuit enters a state of self-locking, Only the use of certain means in order to unlock, in this control circuit before will not work, that is equivalent to end-of-life batteries, notebook batteries batteries can not change the batteries, if you want to change batteries, please find a specialized battery maintenance companies to wield the sword.

VIII: charge can not charge to 100% of the treatment methods
Notebook batteries almost no chance of explosion, the largest is the issue of high fever caused by shells melt, but rarely lead to open flame, was released by a small number of incidents, the fact is that when the production technology of non-performing, in use led to a short circuit caused by, even if Most of this will be short-circuit the battery protection circuit in the circuit will not disconnect greater damage, unless it is in the protection of the circuit before the batteries short-circuit (notebook computer batteries should explosion is caused). It is the phone a lot of such things, in the final analysis or the quality of the battery problems, a large number of poor-quality mobile phone battery assembly, and notebook computers rarely have this kind of battery.

The reason why 99 percent to less than 100 percent after the charge is often because the battery control circuit of the records and the status of the battery itself, the deviation, the battery has not reached a record control circuit voltage, so power control circuit has been charging, in fact, battery has been replete with such problems can usually be resolved through the correction, but even if there is no correction, because the majority of charging circuit will be a long time can not be filled automatically disconnected after, or even smart record automatically refresh the current 99 percent to 100 %, even the fool has been non-stop design, but also because of the current very small at this time and will not cause injury.

The current laptop batteries are basically temperature detection circuit, when the battery temperature is too high, control circuit most mandatory disconnect the battery to prevent further temperature rise, so this kind of charge to the explosion in notebook computer batteries that occurred no less chance of the first prize in the lottery
Hi There,

Thanks for the message, but

I was always using normal pc-s and now I have a laptop(finally:D)

The question is, when my laptop is on AC power ...should I remove the battery´`?

most of the times my laptop runs on AC

Any idea? what is the best way to keep my battery healthy?
This is how I handle my lappy..put it in on charge..once full, unplug the AC cord..let it drain till low battery warning, then plugin the AC again. Best practice is to drain the battery completely til ur lappy switches off by itself and then charge the batteries again. This will help the battery to sustain longer. Read tis info somewhere and followin the same for the last one year.
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