count the how many times that a service running in windows

ahmad abusleh

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Hello all,
i need a tool or a method to count how many that a service or a process ( in the task manger )running please see the example
such ass if a service named XX is used by the system twice i need a tool that tells me the the total number is 2



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As you already know about the task manager I'm going to assume you want a 3rd party tool.

The simple answeer is no, there isn't a one tool fits every job solution but there are some options if you are willing to allow them into your system, give them a % of the cpu and ram to run (at all times) and learn how to read the data they give back.

My advice is; if this is for a single windows 8 system then don't waist your time, however for a network or cluster of windows 8 systems then have a look at microsft system centre --- it's partly built into hyper-v for montoring V-systems.