Windows 7 CPU overuse


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May 17, 2009
My CPU fan is constantly working extra hard. I observed the CPU usage in System Monitor and if I'm completely idle it's around 0-5% but the moment I start to do something it jumps to the 20-30% range and frequently peaks to higher percentages.
My computer information is in the link at my signature.
Any suggestions?

EDIT: I updated any drivers it could find before posting this question.
Update: I used SpeedFan to check the temperature. Both cores are constantly around 50C
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With the exception of your fans working extra hard (compared to what exactly?) that all sounds like normal CPU operation. An idle system is just hangin' out and doesn't have a lot to think about. Once you open a program or such the CPU goes like ZOMG SOMETHING TO DO! And puts a lot of CPU power behind the job to get it done quickly. I don't think you have a problem.
Alright then, that's comforting.
When I said that the CPU fan is working extra hard I meant that it is more noisy than before, and more noisy than other people's laptops. I don't remember hearing it when the computer is idle.
However I suppose it might be just physical elements such as room temperature and dust clogging up the fan. My next step would be to try clearing the vent off dust... Hope that'll solve this.
I noticed my laptop battery was drained after 45 minutes of use. It used to last a little bit longer. Do you think that windows 7 is somehow running the system extra hard like the cpu and causing this?
try going to Control Panel > Power Settings and click on the Change when the computer sleeps.

Now click the change advanced power settings and there will be settings to manage each power setting.

Choose the Hard Disk entry and try changing it to 10 minutes, under sleep > Hibernate after, click the Setting and it will allow you to choose when to hibernate. Go through the list and see if anything else pertains to your laptop.

I personally do not have a laptop, but I know there is an icon in the Notification area. When you right-click on the icon are there any options there.

Is the battery old, or did this just happen after installing Windows 7?
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