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Look the picture please, and tell me if you can which is the best settings here? cluster size, file system etc..partition scheme and target system type..



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Personally I've never used it maybe someone else knows?


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NTFS should be fine, and MBR scheme is fine since that all computers can't handle UEFI. Rufus is a great tool, but I like creating bootable USB devices manually just for the sake of knowing how.
  • From a command prompt type diskpart this should prompt for elevated rights so accept
  • At the diskpart prompt, with your usb plugged in, type list disk this will provide of list of all of your disks starting from 0 (zero)
  • Next select your usb drive (lets say its disk 1 in this example) select disk 1
  • Next you remove any old data and meta data from the disk with clean
  • Next you need to create a partition create part primary then select it select part 1
  • Next you format the partition with a filesystem fs=<flesystem> format fs=ntfs label="My USB" the label switch is optional
  • Last you have to mark the partition as active by typing active
  • Exit diskpart by typing exit
Now you can just extract the content of the ISO and copy it to the USB and it should be bootable.
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i have create bootable usb from rufus with default settings, and now i using windows 8 64bit!! its perfect tool!! thanks guys!!


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FYI this thread is 2 years old...
This is exactly why threads should be closed.

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