Windows 10 Create custom key codes in windows


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Mar 20, 2022
Hello everyone,

in have two keyboards, and i am able two detect them as unique and map different key codes to it. The only problem i have is that i cannot create new virtual keys (eg. VK_XXX). I know that i could use unused keycodes but thats not the point. I want to have a general solution. Is it possible to create new virtual keys which could also be assigned to a function in a game?

In Windows, Virtual-Key Codes (VK codes) are symbolic constants that represent keyboard keys. These codes are used to handle keyboard input in Windows applications. Creating entirely new VK codes in Windows for the purpose of mapping them to specific functions in a game isn't a standard practice.

Usually, for game development or modification purposes, developers work within the predefined set of VK codes provided by Windows. Games often use standard VK codes like VK_SPACE, VK_ESCAPE, VK_UP, etc., along with other advanced input processing methods.

If you're looking to customize key mappings for your game, you would typically map the functions within the game's settings or use remapping software that allows you to assign existing keys to specific functions in a more convenient and user-friendly way.

Creating new VK codes would require alterations at a rather low level in the Windows input system, which isn't a standard or user-friendy method for remapping keys in a game. It's usually better to work with the existing VK codes and a game's settings or utilize software designed for key remapping purposes.