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I am working on a java program that creates a parental control system in my house with every computer linked to it. The basic way of communicating to the program what to do, is change a value to either "true" or "false", "yes" or "no", "on" or "off", etc. via GUIs and buttons, and the program will respond depending on the value set. My plan to link all the computers together is via LAN server which the program will sync to, and gather the input from. In the future I want to make a mobile app so you can control the PCs away from home, if you could supply a risk free method for setting up a WAN server (to make mobile connection possible) that would be a great bonus! Back to the main point: I'm not sure how to set up a local server. So that's my question today...

Main Question -
How do you set up a password protected LAN server that will communicate values to a program that calls on it with the right password?

Bonus Question -
How to you setup a safe, risk free, password protected WAN server will communicate values to a program that calls on it with the right password?
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Any computer can be called a "server". That computer will generally have some type of server based application "which you are going to have to build" that uses a network connection. While it can be done with Java, it's probably not the best language to use since it doesn't natively support running as a service (program that runs whether or not someone is logged in). To make it accessible from the internet (WAN) you'd simply need to port forward whatever port you decide to use for it.

Other considerations
  • If you want this to work anywhere (client is anywhere) you probably want to use a standard port like 443 to communicate to the server so traffic isn't blocked
  • You probably want to store the password encrypted on the client so it can't be stolen
  • You probably want to use use certificates on the client to communicate securely with the server
  • Also probably want some validation of the settings on the server to verify the client settings haven't been altered
  • Depending on what the client will be controlling you are most likely going to need to create a kernel mode driver which is not easy


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if you don't need the system "in house" then most hdd (seagate, WD etc) makers offer free or small fee options to allow their drives to be accessed across networks or the internet... each country has its own laws but a fixed ip isn't always needed.