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I wonder if Windows 10 Technical Preview will support sound cards from Creative Labs?
I ask this because I have installed on my pc Windows 10 Technical Preview 9926 and even acknowledging my sound card, a Creative X-Fi Platinum, will not let me open the associated programs to a board and does not sound.
Someone help me?


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Have you tried right clicking the driver and running as admin?


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Just searching around I found this
I had this issue as well. Using an old Sound Blaster XFi card. Discovered a setting in the audio settings for headphones. There was a checkbox to "Mute speakers when headphone jack is connected". I disabled that checkbox and I then had audio out my speakers. I guess it was falsely detecting that headphones were plugged in, when they were actually not, and muting the audio output to the speakers. Hope this helps somebody.
Maybe have a look see and determine if yours is doing something similar.

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