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Microsoft have certainly made the compatibility mode powerful in Windows 7!
I could only get basic use from my Zen Xtra in Vista, using Real Media Player to play tracks from the Zen Xtra, but in Windows 7 it works flawlessly.
Basically the driver for the Zen Xtra is incompatible with Windows 7. However, if you download the XP driver and right click the installation file and select the Troubleshoot Compatibility heading and use the recommended settings to install the driver, then install the Creative Mediascource 5 for Vista, then the plugin for the Zen Xtra for Mediascource (both install without compatibility mode), you will get a warning that the driver is incompatible but ignore this and restart the computer. I then started Mediascource software, noticed the Zen Xtra listed, clicked on 'Playlist', and it loaded, no problem! Playback, no problems, transfer to player, no problems!
I am NOT using the 'Play 4 Sure' firmware update either!
Also for those with the Audigy 2 or 4 sound cards, Creative have issued a beta driver for Windows 7, I am using this without the previous distortion that the default Windows driver gives. Everything is cool! This was my main reason for not replacing XP as my main OS.


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You're a genius! Thanks so much for your advice! You saved me a lot of trouble and hassle. I never thought I'd be able to run my Zen Xtra 30GB on Windows 7 after so many tries. I'm sure a lot of others would appreciate this thread if it was posted on Creative forums or somewhere more visible.


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Having gone direct from XP to W7 and failed to connect my Zen Jukebox, you've saved my bacon. Many thanks Bazcee


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Driver won't install


When I try installing the driver the way you mentioned it stops at 84%. Which driver did you install? I tried both 1.30.03 and 2.01.00.

And because the driver won't install correctly both Media source and the Plug in won't install either.

By the way which version of Mediasource do you use?

I would be very grateful if you could help out because I'm trying to get my Zen Xtra to work now for over a month...

Thanks in advance,



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Thanks, this is really helpful. I was about to give up on my old Nomad Jukebox Zen Xtra but thanks to your instructions I can still use it.


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Thank you, thank you, thank you Bazcee! You have no idea what a help this has been. We are expecting our second child after 5 years and for the first I painstakingly compiled a playlist for the birth and, after trying many things, including taking apart the player to see if we could access the hard drive another way, I came across your post. I have successfully transferred my playlist and am now ready for the new addition.


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Please help me sync my Zen Xtra to my PC. I've read all these threads and I can't seem to figure it out. It is recognized by my PC as it shows up in the device manager, but it has the triangle with the exclamation mark. I would like to be able to transfer songs on and off the device. I've read a lot of stuff about installing drivers and by troubleshooting compatibly when installing the driver, but I can't seem to get anything to work. More than likely because I'm not doing something right. If anyone has a step-by-step tutorial that is dummy proof, that'd be most appreciated. I'm deploying to Afghanistan next month and would like to get this thing working soon. Thanks!

cooter kenny

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Help! I am a novice & can't get this to work! Could you please go into more details: it would be greatly apprechiated!Which XP driver for the Zen did you use & where did you find it? I tried one from Creative support -- didn't work. More than 1 listed for XP. Right click on install file gave no troubleshoot compat heading to select. Which mediasoure 5 for vista did you use? there are also more than one listed. Where did you get the plugin for zen Xtra for mediasource? Creative only list drivers, firmware,& applications.


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Just like Cooter Kenny, I'm techno dumb. I have a Zen Xtra I carried in Iraq for 18 months which got me through many hard times and I want my songs back. Can someone post the links to each download in order so I can get my music back please. I tried following the directions and I keep running into walls. I have a new Dell Latitude 6420 with Win 7 on it.