Windows 10 cursor in windows 10, irregular

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There was a problem with the cursor windows 10 after the update.
I opened 2 applications, suppose to open chrome and brackets, chrome with fullscreen size while the brackets with small size.
when I open the bracket there is no problem, but when the cursor is moved outside the bracket size, the bracket will minimize itself, without a click on its chrome.

before windows 10 update, there is no problem with this, usually when the cursor is moved outside the bracket size will not minimize itself, unless clicked on chrome.
would be very disturbing for me.

Below is an example of the problem when I open some applications such as application settings and brackets

please help ......
windows eoro.gif
welcome to windowsforum, Ismynr-xyz … while we are not affiliated with microsoft … nevertheless, we are happy to have you join us.

pls state the following:
your brand/model of computer …​
whether or not you have made any hardware changes …​
how much ram is installed …​
which version and update of win-10 you have (win-10, home-edition, 1803.17134.165) …​
did win-10 come with the computer when it was bought?​

what have you tried so far, Ismynr-xyz
have you totally shut down your computer?​
have you tried another mouse?​
have you uninstalled "brackets" software?​
have you updated "brackets" software?​
have you tried using another browser (palemoon, opera)?​
have you tried updating chrome browser?​
have you tried uninstalling/reinstalling chrome browser?​
have you tried disabling all chrome's extensions?​
have you tried disabling all "brackets" extensions?​
have you checked task-manager (cpu-load) … during the cursor problem?​
also, Ismynr-xyz
have you perused "brackets" trouble-shooting website? (there is discussion about overloading brackets software with too many extensions.)
have you asked for help on "brackets" website forum (google-groups)?​
one other thing … is it possible your a/v could be interfering? you do not want to circumvent the a/v … was just asking.

btw … i'd like to thank you for taking the time 'n resources in creating the animated *.gif … it really helps one to understand. however, my tired eyes have trouble keeping up with the animation … perhaps others will be more successful.

before going too far, Ismynr-xyz … make sure you save your personal files and create system-restore-point.

i have already offered my insight and suggestions … there may be others dropping in to offer further advice.

thank you advice from you ...

but it's not because of the application or the mice problem ....

actually other laptops with the same specifications do not have such problems,

Specifications: acer aspire 4352, ram 2gb, intel HD graphics

all applications run (multitasking), when I hover the cursor outside the app will immediately minimize ...

I will create an animated gif as an example:
windows eoro.gif

usually when the cursor is directed outside the notepad, notepad will not minimize, like laptop laptop in general

on other laptops that have the same specifications, and have not updated windows, there are no problems with the cursor, when the cursor is pointed outside the notepad size, the notepad does not minimize itself, for example on another laptop:
satunya lagi.gif

do you understand with this problem ??? the difference is like that, what should i do with the settings ?? please help me
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