Windows 7 Daniel Moth: Blazing-fast code using GPUs and more, with C++ AMP

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    Herb Sutter recently announced C++ AMP at the AMD Fusion Developer Summit as part of his keynote. Here, Daniel Moth, a program manager on Microsoft's Parallel Computing Platform Team, digs deeper into C++ AMP with code samples and more. Please download the slides from the link below as the recording of this session doesn't do them justice.
    Big thanks to AMD for providing Channel 9 with this excellent content!
    To get full performance out of mainstream hardware, high-performance code needs to harness, not only multi-core CPUs, but also GPUs (whether discrete cards or integrated in the processor) and other compute accelerators to achieve orders-of-magnitude speed-up for data parallel algorithms. How can you as a C++ developer fully utilize all that heterogeneous hardware from your Visual Studio environment? How can your code benefit from this tremendous performance boost without sacrificing your developer productivity or the portability of your solution? The answers will be presented in this session that introduces a new technology from Microsoft.
    Get the slides to this presentation here.


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