Windows 8 Dazed and confused?


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Nov 30, 2009
What is going on at Microsoft? They own Skype but no Skype App in Windows 8 messaging? They invest $300,000,000 in Barnes and Noble (Nook), announce a Nook app for Windows 8 but all I find is a Kindle and Kobo App. Are they intentionally shooting themselves in the foot?
Gotta wonder, what's going on over at the app store.
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5-6 months is still a long time to go, and so I would not discount the plausibility that these will appear around release time.

Hopefully you're right.... but I would have thought that the whole idea of a preview, was to preview. Silly me.
With those kind of investments I would have thought that the apps would be ready to go at the outset. With, according to net rumors (for what those are worth), the number of people testing Windows 8 previews double that of the same time frame for similar opportunities with Windows 7, I would think that they would want "previewers" to, well...... preview. And I would think that anything and I do mean anything that would make Windows 8 more appealing, as opposed to unappealing, they might want to put right up front.
Lot of skype users out there.... lot of Nook users out there. Still dazed and confused.

I wouldn't be at all surprised to see it fully integrated into messaging with the RTM. Why? Because it's going to be fully integrated into the OS with Windows Phone 8, so it's a fair guess to say it will be on PC as well, since the current Twitter/LinkedIn integration runs through Windows Live servers. So it's a fair guess (and sensible move) by Microsoft to include native integration on one of their own products in two of their flagship operating systems.

Time will tell :)