Windows 8 De ja vu


Entertainment, Science & Technology, Travel & more... MSN Home Page stuff. Presented a certain new & different way, "Metro" tiles, & in a new location, on a screen called "Start". Wow, now, there's a big deal. A handy icon can be on the desktop (taskbar) for anything, now or before.

Here's one: Outlook has a calendar. Hotmail has a calendar; great for folks w/out Outlook. Now, there's a Calendar App. Put entries in the Hotmail calendar... they show in the Calendar App. Put entries in the Calendar App... they show in the Hotmail calendar. (Actually, is, also, tied to the Outlook Calendar, if, one has that... goes in all 3 simultaneously)

Anything one wants is on the Net or in a computer from info to actions. In computing there is oft more than 1 way to do something, get to something, find something, present something. MS just added another... tiles called "Metro" on a screen called Start, that can be like, actions or shortcuts on a desktop. Use of said screen is 100% optional. Same can be done @/from Desktop. 2 approaches to the same end. Can go 1 or the other or hybrid.

Logic fuels no reason to fume or fret over the existence of the Start screen or what one has on it or how or how much they use it or visit it OR how they can function, in spite of it.

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