Windows 7 Default Sound hardware is changed by Windows7 each time I reboot


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Jan 13, 2009
Each time I startup my computer my default sound device gets changed by Windows.
I have a usb headset for gaming which is only used by a couple of programs and my
default audio device is supposed to be my sound blaster audigy sound card.
I set it to default everytime I boot up but if I shut down the pc and restart it changes
the default to the usb headset.........any ideas?
I have the same problem any time I have reinstalled windows 7

It appears to constantly reset it for the USB device as the default audio but it really is not saving your change to default.

What I had to do was right after a fresh boot, set my surround sound as default, then I changes some settings in it (usually just do the surround tests) and then shut down, not reboot, after closing the properties.

Now it loads with my default correct every time.

If you happen to unplug your USB device do not plug it back into a different port, use the same one or you will have to do this all over again.

I had the same problem with Vista Ultimate as well.
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