Windows 7 Defrag 002: Gov's Probs, Media Center, Dropped WiFi

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    Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. Starting this week we have an email address setup that you can also contact us with, it is We will still be checking comments for problems, but using the email address will let us contact you and soon we would like to pick some problems that we troubleshoot by actually getting on the problem machine. For stickier recreatable problems, try using the Problem Recorder (on Windows 7 hit Start, type "Record Steps" and hit enter) and send us the zip file.

    In tonight's episode:
    0:50 - Deedub - Gov's 99 problems.
    5:19 - Ytterbium - Can't view PDF in IE9.
    8:28 - aL - Jumplists stop working, Media Center only showing one folder, network shares slow.
    10:30 - Donald Adams - Disk2VHD boot problem.
    12:10 - Paul - Media Center Guide stopped updating.
    13:43 - ManuV - Elaborate on file/folder locks in Windows.
    16:25 - Lorenz - Sticky Windows key in terminal sessions.
    17:20 - MartinMine - Sometimes most current drivers aren't on WinUpdate, why? (We're covering slow shutdowns next week, Martin)
    23:14 - CTorre - Delay in domain login, Windows 7 dropping WiFi at home.
    27:30 - CKurt - Live Messenger state/contacts error, Media Center not showing files.



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