As of now I only have 1 game installed on my fastest drive which so happens to be my OS drive (is that a good idea?) Also I would like to know what defrag to use so I can tell it to put that one installed game folder on my OS drive to the fastest part of the drive? I currently use PerfectDisk11. Using Windows 7 32bit.



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to be fair the gains over a regular defrag and one that moves to fastest part of drive defrag are minimal on a modern PC.

IMHO, don't bother with manual placement since it's an inaccurate science..also the list of files that you use most frequently will change with time and it's not feasible to do manual placements frequently? Just go for a good auto defragger that checks the drive for the fastest areas and automatically places the most frequently used files there for maximum performance. It takes the guesswork out of which file to place where and when.

As for installing games to the OS drive, I see no problems..should work fine.

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