Windows 7 Delay displaying My Downloads in Windows Explorer


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Jan 26, 2011
For a while now I've had an annoying problem when using Windows Explorer under Windows 7 - if I click on My Documents, My Pictures etc. then the files, and their associated icons and chosen details, appear almost instantaneously yet if I click on My Downloads then it takes an age before everything appears even though there are less than 100 files present. This happens both on my desktop and my laptop, which are synced, the data is on a separate partition in each machine and also on different media, HDD in the desktop and SSD in the laptop. Any ideas anybody ? If you need any further information then please ask.
Do you allow the Download location to be indexed? Is that location some type of network device?

I don't sync any systems, so I have no experience, but you have tried turning that off?
Download locations on both PCs were indexed and neither are network locations just separate data partitions. Disabled indexing on the laptop with the SSD ( I seem to recall it isn't necessary for SSDs ) but that didn't help.

The PCs are manually synced with MS SyncToy once a week, I've been using this for over a year so I don't think that's the problem.
What AV are you using? I had problems with AVG years ago it acted similar with one file SP2 for XP. If a ran the mouse over that file or row it paused for a few minutes. I dumped the AVG and the problem was gone.
Hi Joe - haven't used AVG for a while so that's not the cause. The problem is not that it's slow to display the contents of any particular file ( assuming it's displayable ) but that it takes so long to display the files in the Downloads folder after clicking on it, the green status bar takes an age to reach the righthand side of the address bar.
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