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Hi, I accidentally deleted a corrupt user account in windows 7 before creating a new user account. I chose not to delete the files, thankfully. The files are there in the c: drive under the deleted user. My question is this; how can I bring those files over to my new user account? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Adam


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Go to C:/users....... navigate to the deleted account name. All the files are there.
Right click at the folder/files you want to coy to the new account > select either Copy To or Move To > select the new account > click either Copy or Move depending which option you use.

If you do not have Copy To and Move To options in your Context Menu, use this tutorial to install :
Use Option One. It's easiest.

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Thank you very much for your reply. I considered trying that, the only issue I have with that option is hard drive space. I don't have enough to copy and paste. I'm trying to do a complete backup of the files first, but am running into problems with I/O device errors and semaphore timeouts, primarily with my music files. I've even been moving the files over one at a time so not to overwhelm the system. I have 194 gigs of music alone, so you can imagine how much fun that's been. I was hoping there was a way to simply restore the user since the files are there. My restore points have also been wiped out. That was the first thing I tried after pulling that huge boner. I had two restore points, both failed, then simply disappeared.


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Invest an external hard drive to store your files. That will open up truckload of disk space in C drive. That is also the most logical way because you will never lose your personal files in the event the computer went kaput. Never save your important files WITHIN the computer. Always to an external device

I'm in Canada. A 1TB ext. hhd can be had for under $100cdn. A 500MB would be dirt cheap.
If you are from the States, it would be even cheaper.
I store all my personal files in it, i.e. music , pictures, documents etc.

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