Windows 7 Deleting old Partition


New Member
Jan 19, 2009
I am currently running XP as my main OS on one partition but I also have Windows 7 Beta on a separate partition on the same hard drive. Right now I cannot currently access Windows 7 when booting up, I have no clue why that is as I used to be able to do that.

What I want to do is delete the partition Windows 7 Beta is on and install Windows 7 RC as my main OS. I have tried booting to a disc with GParted on it to delete the partition but it will not boot to the cd, I know my BIOS is in the right order as I can easily boot to the Windows 7 RC dvd I have made. When I try to use something like EASEUS Partition Master or the Disk Management on XP, the delete option is greyed out when I right click on the Windows 7 Beta partition. I cannot figure out how to do delete it so I can extend my XP partition to the full space on the hard drive and then install the Windows 7 RC.

Thanks in advance.

The disc could have burned wrong. Try reburning GParted on a lower setting like 2x.