Windows 7 Dell D600 / Radeon Mobilty 9000 issue


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Using an older Dell Latitude D600. 1.6ghz / 1.25 gb ram / Radeon Mobilty 9000

- Installation was a breeze (including the formating of the HD to install over XP)
- Driver support SEEMED spot on (more on that in a bit)
- It is at least as responsive & robust as XP (takes some getting used to tho)
- Not a huge fan of the Task Bar. Not as user friendly or informative as previous versions (IMO. Can't move the quick launch, not as much at a glance info)

The issue I am having is apparently with my video driver. The driver is installed (no errors in device manager). The text looks good, the resolution is great. The issues start when:

a) I run the Windows 7 "Test" System locks. No keyboard. No mouse. Need to do a hard reboot.
b) Try to watch a dvd. Windows Media Player launches, system locks as described above.
c) Install Windows Live Experience. System locks.

I cannot find an official Vista driver for the Radeon Mobility 9000. I sadly may have to go back to XP simply because I use this laptop to play movies.

Any input / advice regarding the driver would be hugely appreciate...
Re: Dell D600 / Radeon Mobility 900 issue

I'm running a Dell D600 with the ATI Mobility Radeon XDDM driver.

I downloaded it directly from ATI's web site. From what I've read the the XDDM interface isn't support very well with Windows 7 but I was able to play a DVD on the system after installing Divx Codecs.

Hope that helps.
I just installed Win 7 on Dell Latitude D600 (RAM 512 MB PC2100) and it works fine.

I had problem to find proper driver for ATI Mobility Radeon 9000 and I succeed to install official Dell video driver aimed for Win XP. ATI Catalyst Control Centre will not work so don’t try to install any version…it is waste of time. Just take offical Dell video driver for XP and install it via Device manger “Update driver”. But with this you will just have working VGA without any additional options like to coonect PC to TV etc. (if someone figure this issue out, please share your solution):confused:

For Sound card (AC’97) this driver will work: 6303_Vista_Win7_PG537

Regarding network drivers you can get them via win 7 updates under “optional updates”