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Windows 11 11 reasons why Windows 11 is a failure (rant)

Ralph Bromley

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Jun 1, 2012
So... yeah Microsoft bloody blew it again, like Sisyphus it got that rock up the mountain with Windows 10 only for it to fall down with Windows 11.
I mean... what is the point of Windows 11 again? Oh yeah, sell new computers in an economically stressed world... as the British say: bloody brilliant, innit?
The OS is barely a year old, and has fewer users than XP in the current era.
It has the momentum of a sloth stuck in a tar pit, and it's clear as day why.
1 the TPM 2.0 Nonsense: Look security is very important and yes I know why MS wants to push TPM 2.0
Still, there are many people out there with 10-year-old computers, myself included, who doesn't see such hardware as junk.
Many of these old machines can do most of the tasks modern machines can do that most people need: Internet and content consumption
Oh, sure, these machines will see their end someday, but my old gals still kick and scream with the best of them.
I got this nearly 10-year-old lappy, it's still a butt kicker thanks to me popping a SSD in and both Windows 10 and Linux work a charm on her.
2 the stupid locked taskbar: ugh what an eyesore the new taskbar is, I have win 11 on one of my machines, and it's not that good-looking.
That big ass taskbar you can't resize or move, what were they thinking?
3 Microsoft Edge: No need to explain why this one's an issue, Windows 11 really wants us to use edge if we like it or not. Tried this one with IE, that didn't end well.
4 It's honestly not that much better than Windows 10: Sure it does run smoother, but other than that... meh.
5 it's an obvious market ploy: No ones buying new PC's from HP or Dell? Call Microsoft! Ask them to make a new OS catered only at new PC's!
Also: gotta sell them surface tabs!
6 The silly system requirements: Honestly, there is no bloody reason why first Gen Ryzen or Intel Skylake can't get support by Windows 11.
Both have TPM 2.0 support.
7 MS didn't learn a goddamned thing!: Honestly, they tried this crap before telling us the end of a very popular OS by promoting a new version that is not any better... Hello Windows 10!
8 Pissing us off: Customers make the companies, when no one wants your product they won't buy into it.
9 Still inconsistent AF: I hear many new Linux users complain how inconstant Linux is in comparison to windows... it's the pot calling the kettle black.
Heck, Windows has become worse in this respect, with the intro of Windows 11 not saying Windows 10 was any better. Honestly, the last MS OS with any real consistency was Windows 7.
10 No real vision of what it wants to be: Again to make another comparison with Linux there I can understand why things don't always mesh so well, but at least most Linux flavors have something about them that makes them special and suitable for a certain group.
Mint targets Windows users, Ubuntu targets all users, Debian is for those who like stability and arch is for do it yourselfers.
Apple OS also has its vision, but Microsoft? Do they even know what they are doing anymore with Windows?
11 and finally... what's the goddamned point of Windows 11 honestly outside my market ploy theory?
I mean seriously, at least with MS's other OS failures I can kinda see why things were the way they were.
ME was the end of the DOS era and probably made to keep DOS alive despite its failings.
Vista and 8 were flawed yet ambitious, both trying to change the paradigm of how windows worked for a new era.
But Windows 11? It may be the worst OS MS has done since Vista without any hope of recovery.
At least Vista got better, this? No dead on arrival, I think with the adaptation rate of Windows 11 MS will change gears again.
Sure, they may not extend Windows 10s lifespan, but I can see a Windows 12 here in the next two-three years.
I mean, that does go by the Microsoft release pattern anyhow...
Besides, it took 2 years after Windows Vista came about before Windows 7 supplanted it and it was about three years after Windows 8.1 came out when 10 launched.
2009 and 2015 respectively (sure Windows 8.1 wasn't as bad as Windows 8 but it didn't do so well thanks to its association with Windows 8)
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Then again, Windows 10 was just as awful and Windows 8 before it but Microsoft managed to force Windows 10 on everyone anyway. They can force Windows 11 on everyone too. Just like nobody could say no to Windows 10, nobody will say no to Windows 11. Most people are so dumb they don't find anything wrong with what Microsoft does to Windows (removing and breaking tons of previous features, forcing bad changes, meaningless "improvements" and so on). These fanbois call us out instead for being "haters". 🤦🏻‍♂️
Windows 10 was not worse than Windows 8 but is was breaking a contract to support old versions of Windows for X years which is of course why it was 'free'... you actually paid for it by allowing Microsoft to collect your personal [and professional] data

at the end of the day Windows 11 will come no matter what
All of the items in Windows 11, could have been supplied as updates. The TPM and CPU restriction is impertinent. Obviously (to me!) it should have been advice as to future problems - not a compulsory requirement.
I am running Windows 11 on Dual boot with Windows 10. It runs well and I have not had the slightest problems with it since its introduction. As you said, there is a performance improvement.
Having said that - Yes! What is the point purpose of Windows 11? Maybe it was needed for the mentioned performance improvement?
The Taskbar? Well, many comments on the web, mostly sheep mentality, regarding some of the differences (sub menus within. for example) Never used them so it didn't bother me. There are many different ways to skin that cat!
Taskbar width? Plenty of real estate still there, but, also, plenty of hacks available to sort the problem.
This is mine, It doesn't show to clearly in this shot, but it is the same size as Windows 10 and previous OS's

Other than that. I see from many of your previous posts that you are inclined to dislike Microsoft/Windows,
I have tried Apple products, and many Linux offerings, but always return to Windows.
Should I wait for something not yet int the planning section.. or.........
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