Windows 7 Designing Excel Solutions for the Web: Part 2

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    In part two of this two-part series, Larry Waldman, Excel Program Manager, talks in detail about how to execute the migration of Excel client solutions to web-based Excel Services solutions. Larry walks through the migration of a sample Excel client application to its new incarnation as a Web-based solution. Along the way, he shows specific code for how to use the Excel Services JavaScript object model. The Excel Services REST API and Excel Web Service were also used to round-out the new web solution. Be sure to follow the resource links below for further information on how to build your Excel solutions for the Web.
    Designing Excel Solutions for the Web Part 1
    Resource Links:
    Getting Started with Excel Services
    Search for:
    Excel JSOM
    Excel Services AJAX Library
    Excel Team Blog
    Office Developer Training Course on MSDN


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