Desktop Connects to Router But no internet connection

I have been having a problem with my Desktop for about a week now. It is running Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit. No built in wireless adapter, but using a USB TP-Link TL-WN722N wireless adapter.

The computer can connect to the network, but the internet connection just stopped working. My cell phone, xBox, and Wii can all connect just fine and have internet connectivity. I have already tried:

Updating the wireless adapter drivers.
Reinstalling the drivers.
Resetting the wireless router to factory settings.
Changing the security settings on the router.
running netsh int ip reset reset.log; netsh winsock reset catalog and restarting
TCP/IP v4 and v6 are set to get automatically
Made sure MAC address wasn't being blocked on router.

Here is my ipconfig /all
I'm at a loss, any suggestions?


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only two I can think of:
disable V6
Delete the wireless connection

Edit another thought
Can you connect with a cable? Maybe that does not/does work it will help you find the problem.

I tried disabling the v6, and that didn't fix it. I then tried deleting the connection and remaking it, but that also did not work. I can connect to the router with a cable with my laptop, and that works, I haven't tried connecting the desktop to the router via cable yet. I'll try that and let you know if it works.


Ok, so here's the udpdate. I was finally able to get an ethernet cord long enough and connected it to the desktop, and the problem still occurs. Even with the wire, it can connect to the router, but doesn't have internet access. I tried doing a virus scan which turned up nothing. I have also pinged myself @ and all packets were successful. I created another user account, and that account has the same problem.

With the wired connection, the desktop can't even connect to the routers IP address to change settings. I tried pinging my IP address from the router, and all the pings from the router timed out.


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Great there have been a lot issues with MCAfee and one of the last MS updates.

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