Windows 7 desktop icons missing except explorer


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Ok I have several things on my desktop but for some reason they are gone now and you can only see them in Explorer when you click on desktop. Is this by design I swear they were there before.

Can anyone tell why this is or how to get them back?
Ok and?

two settings I'm interested in here?

One recycle bin is checked but not on my desktop anywhere.
two is user files is unchecked - is this what I'm looking for to see like jpgs or stuff I saved there? How did it get unchecked?

The only thing I ever did was change the windows desktop wallpaper once.

Also checking user files does not fix this problem. Desktop is completly free of any icons still!


right click on desktop
Select "View"
Select "Show Desktop Items"

Again not sure how this got unchecked!
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Lol thanks, even though it's a simple step I didn't realize and go searching.
Thanks for helping me to save my time from stupidly searching such a things. lol
Try to do show hidden files and folders. then run scan using Malwarebytes from here or Microsoft Safety scanner and restore your computer to earlier time.
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