Windows 7 Desktop Icons


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My desktop icons are not displaying correctly. I get the usual icon image but it is covered up with a folder icon and I cannot remove it. When I go into the properties of the icon the display is correct but I cannot get it to display correctly on the desktop. When I initially loaded 7 everything was fine and for what it is worth I will be upgrading from XP to 7 as soon as it is available.
Grateful for any help.
I'm not sure what would be causeing that problem.. I'll do some research and see if I can find anything for ya though.. ;) I'll report back if I find anything.. also on a side note, if your planning on "upgrading" from XP to 7 you better make sure you back up all your files before clean installing Win 7 as you actually can't "upgrade" from XP to 7.. you'll have to do a clean install.. ;) Than again, who knows, by the time the RTM rolls around maybe Microsoft will have changed that... one can always hope.. :)
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