Detect Samsung Galaxy S5 phone on Win XP?


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Hi guys :), I want to ask you for an advice about my Samsung Galaxy S5 phone.

I have a Win 7 PC and it detects my phone automatically when I connect it with the cable.

I also have an old Win XP PC with no internet connection that I use only for some old games, my XP PC can't detect my phone automatically when I connect it with the cable, it probably doesn't have the drivers needed.
I tried:
SAMSUNG USB Driver for Mobile Phones
SAMSUNG Android USB Device Driver
MTP Porting Kit
SAMSUNG Mobile MTP Device Driver
SAMSUNG Android ADB Interface Driver
- but nothing worked.

From my limited tests the only way my XP PC to detect my phone is to install Windows Media Player 11, maybe there is some other better or more simple method but I don't know about it yet.
I like the default Windows Media Player 9 and I don't like Windows Media Player 11, so I was wondering if there is some way to use or register the Windows Media Player 11 files and drivers without actually installing Windows Media Player 11, and hoping that it would detect my phone.

Is there some way my XP PC to detect my Galaxy S5 phone without installing Windows Media Player 11?

Thanks for your time.