Device IP-adress and Win7 problem.

Description of setup: Connection to a device with my laptop over a straight ethernet cable. The device has dhcp enabled and assigns my laptop a random IP-adress and itself IP-adress On my laptop I'm running an application, simular to that of IPsetup from Netburner, that's supposed to recognize the device over UDP.

This setup works fine over Win.XP, the device is connected and recognized by the application that allows me to reconfigure it's IP setup.

Description of the problem: When using the above setup on Win7 the application fails to recognize the device. I've tried this with firewall turned off/on, setting specific Group Policy enteries for the application and antivirus disabled. Also downloaded a updated version of netburners public IPsetup but with no difference.

From Google I've established the same thing as others, that I can see the UDP packet arriving from the device, using wireshark, but it never reaches the application layer. So the question I'm having is how do I make win7 accept incoming UDP broadcast from IP-adress:, and make it reach the application.

Any help on this would be much appriciated.

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