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Windows 10 DHCP client


New Member
Jun 14, 2022
Since I found very little on this I am assuming it is not possible. However this linux guy will ask more competent Windows followers for help! I have a linux based OpenVPN tap server providing connections to clients on the local lan. I have created a dhcp script for linux clients that is completely free of all fixed ip addresses/port/proto etc on the client, everything is configured via the lease information provided by the server (domain based). This has eliminated maintenance of flat files on the client, and who doesn't like that?. In linux this is done via hooks where the dhcp client will call the hook script for "BOUND", "RELEASE", etc. Is it possible to interface with a Windows dhcp client in a similar manner?

Thank-you for your interest.
Windows handles most of the DHCP client side internally.
You can use ipconfig /renew or /release to renew or release a lease there are also WMI methods that can be used to take client actions on DHCP. What is your end goal as OpenVPN should handle issuing leases for the VPN pool