Windows 7 Did you know virtual xp won't be in the home premium edition

Just wondering if you knew xp virtualization will not be in the windows 7 home premium. edition. bye bye xp:)

Yes, Pro, Enterprise and Ultimate only.

Yes, I did know that.. :) Good post though as I'm sure alot didn't know that.. ;)


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I think Microsoft scraped the 3 app limit on starter though.

this is a better chart


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You are correct Loathe, MS did scrap the 3 app limit on Starter.. ;) Nice find.. :)

im sure someone will somehow create a patch that lets p mode run on home premium after all they did it with alot of vista ultimates things (dreamscene)

Xp mode sort of works. Xp mode runs in virtual pc. If you buy buisness,pro or ultimate it comes with a free xp licence. If you have home premium it works but you need to buy/provide your own xp licence to use it.

Sorry if I am being stupid, but when you say no XP mode, do you mean no WOW or are you referring to the Virtual XP mode
that is available for Win 7. I am running RC1 Bld 7100 and am able to run XP progs in WOW64 including games (well except COD 2 which has compatibility problems and will not install). I am referring to the retail vers of Windows 7 64Bit Home Premium which I hope to pre-order tomorrow.

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XP Mode is Windows XP Mode (also known as Virtual Windows XP), not WOW. Yes, WOW64 is in every 64-bit version.

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The show stopper for me is that Home Premium doesn't have RDP server. You can't connect to a desktop running Home Premium.

There is a "possible" get around by using the Web component.

If you can start a web server via IIS on Home premium then you can download from the microsoft site (RDP web version).
start your webserver and then logon to it from your client computer via http://nodename/tsweb.

You'll be able to access RDP via using a web browser.

You need to allow port 80 through your firewall and forward it to the computer on your local lan.

I haven't tried this yet -- I'm not sure if you can make IIS work on Home Premium edition.

You can definitely start an Apache web server but to make rdp work with apache via the web you need to be able to do some ActiveX programming -- way out of my league I'm afraid but for those interested a little challenge to make it work for the rest of us.


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