Digital camera and memory card !

Windows 7 is great, but it is annoynig whet it does everything for you.
A little problem like this, i have digital camera canon a630 and i want to revover some photos from summer 2009 that are deleted and tried 10 programs for recovery and special ones youst for digital cameras and memory cards but any of these programs cannot recognize my camera as usb memory card, it browses my computer and shows olny hard drive, but when i open my computer it shows digital camera name and inside removable sorage !!
its anoying thing ! please help ??

Thank you

try a card reader other than the camera

that might work, but dont have card reader.. it must be a diferent solution. it recognize it as removable storage but in a diferent category in my computer, can i bypass that?

Solved !
camera is the problem,it can work only with card reader, not windows 7, widnows still remain perfect!

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