My other half turned off computer while it was downloading 10

updates, long story short, black screen. Live microsoft helped me

get it up and running again, downloads all eventuall successfully

installed, little did I know, the wireless connection to the net

was knocked out. This laptop is a Vista dinosaur, but has always

worked like a champ until yeterdays hiccup.Up to date and hardly

ever used -AVG virus scan clean. The wireless network adapter says

working, up to date drivers etc. I called ISP- not a signal

propblem etc ( did winsock restet ) - it's not paid AVG problem

per them either. I have written CMD codes, been through every

tutorial that I can decipher. The ethernet works, but wireless

says "cannot find any addl neteworks. Some prompts saying again

"netwok adapter" then something about not running "microsoft

wireless service" which the Dino Vista I have cant get ? (

download center doesnt offer service to DinoPuters ? ) Microsoft

help closed so I thought somebody would have victorious a

sugestion. Thanks. Atheros AR50026EXS wireless adapter

disabled/enabled many times did not fix.


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so you want to keep windows 10, go back to vista (or7) ... put up with no wifi or buy a new computer?

so you want to keep windows 10, go back to vista (or7) ... put up with no wifi or buy a new computer?
Just wanted suggestions on network adapter -no networks found- during reboot per windows live chat, something went wrong, just cant seem to find viable fix. Hard to believe the "says it working properly" driver etc. "broke" from a download interruption restart all of a sudden. Dino has some "enabled/disabled problem - that box shouldnt be clicked problem - a restore defaults problem" I'm hoping. Many years of files on this Dinosaur. Would love to transfer to a new laptop, but my money tree currently bears no fruit.


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If by "dinosaur" you mean old computer, I'd suggest looking at the manufacturer site and verify it actually supports Windows 10 and install the appropriate drivers for Windows 10.


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The wifi chip is controlled by your motherboard and the wx drivers are not going to work on a board that old, as (trust us) Microsoft is well aware that people don't want to upgrade to their wx system unless they can keep the old hardware the update details are glossed over with this FREE version;

  • You could hack in an old vista driver that will work until Microsoft detects it or tries to update... Then it will get removed and stop working
  • You could buy some kind of external wifi device that patches a wifi onto one of your usb ports but they cost fruit form that tree of yours and don't work all that well anyway + imo spending money on a dino-computer is not a good investment


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neemo and Norway are right about this computer probably being too old to run W10, but the real test is to run the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST prior to re-attempting the W10 upgrade. If this test has issues with your hardware, drivers, or out of date apps, the Test will tell you and you'll have to fix those issues, otherwise W10 will never get upgraded on that computer:noway:. As far as getting W10 to run on old Vista-era hardware; it is possible, as I've got 3 machines here built in 2006-2008 that I've successfully got running on W10, including the sony laptop that I'm writing this post to you on. With little problem. Here's a Link to the W10 COMPATIBILITY TEST: Get Windows 10 app - Check Compatibility Report for Windows 10

A common problem with laptops this old (older than 6 years old); the WLAN wireless card, which is a small circuit board inside of your laptop that provides your wireless connection, may have failed. It's usually only a $10 part, but most Techs will charge $100 to do the change-out for you since the laptop has to be completely dis-assembled to get to the WLAN card in many instances.:waah: This is why Norway suggested you consider buying an inexpensive usb external plug-in wireless adapter. Just ensure you buy a name brand such as Cisco/Linksy or Netgear, because the others have poorly written drivers and will mis-behave in newer versions of Windows such as W8x or W10 which you are trying to upgrade to.
Here's and example: NETGEAR N300 WiFi USB Adapter (WNA3100) | Staples®

In most cases, if you take the time to check the website from your laptop maker, Dell, Acer, HP, etc.; and they don't post W10 drivers for your exact model laptop, it's most likely not going to work.:waah: However, as with my Sony laptop here, that doesn't mean it WON'T work. My laptop came with Vista on it, I upgraded to Win7 legit license, and then in the beginning of this year upgraded to W10 via Upgrade during the 1-year free trial with very little problem. However, this is the exception to the rule, as my Desktop PC (Dell) was much more stubborn and I tried to upgrade it several times with no luck, until I happened to try replacing a working boot drive hard drive, and it finally worked after about a year of trying to make it work.:up: For the average home user, I certainly can't recommend waiting that long or putting that much effort into fixing a Dino computer.:ohno: I happen to enjoy the challenge.

Whatever you decide to do, bear in mind that Microsoft will be announcing the EOL (End-of-Life) or end of support on all Vista-era computers in less than 2 years, in 2018, and that means that your Dino will then be just like XP, and can no longer be used safely on the Internet, and certailnly not for any kind of financial transactions such as online banking or credit card purchases due to the crush of Hackers that will be trying to steal stuff from that computer once Microsoft stops sending our security updates to protect them.:skull: If your W10 update fails to work, you can't figure it out, and can't or won't pay for your Dino to get properly fixed, it's not going to be usable after 2018, and will wind up in the bottom or your closet, attic, basement or garage keeping your even older XP Dino's company.:rolleyes:

Best of luck,:encouragement:

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