Windows 7 Disable popup "Do you want to scan and fix removable device""? Difference of 2 methods?


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When I plugin an external USB hard disc or USB stick it appears that Windows 7 pops up a dialog window asking me:

"Do you want to scan and fix removable disc?"

After reading a while in Internet I saw two methods for disabling these popups:

1.) Disabling service "Shell Hardware detection"

2.) enabling "Turn off Autoplay" in gpedit.msc

Whats the difference?

I want be sure that if I plugin a new USB device (like an USB stick or USB printer or USB hard disc) this USB hardware IS successfuly detected and joined by Windows 7.

So I can imagine that the first method is too brutal because it prevents inclusion of new USB devices.

Is this correct?

If yes: Why is it recommended so often for avoiding the popup?



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I have seen such a popup when I move a USB drive between computers. I just assume something is being written to it on system the other system does not recognize or wants to rewrite to make it more compatible with itself.

So, do you get the popups if you only use the device on one system?

As far as your options to turn it off, I can only guess. I would not think turning off Autoplay, which can be accessed from the Control Panel, would really stop that type of popup.

Disabling the Hardware detection might have unexpected results with your system.

Have you ever let the scan proceed? If not, for testing, you might use a device that doesn't have much data on it to see if it does not damage that data.