Disabling Sounds in Windows 7

Dear Forum Members,

I know I have not discovered anything new with the following problem, but I have not yet read a workable solution.

I find the "bleeps" and "bonks" most annoying when I am navigating around Windows 7, and I am well aware what it says in the personalise/sound menus. The trouble is that opting for "no sound", or switching off individual sounds does not work, so any proffered solutions based on this route will be of little help. I have spent many hours on this problem, to little avail.

Can anyone advise if there is a glitsch somewhere in the system,and if there is a solution other than to turn the speakers off. This would be a bit drastic some some of the sounds are useful.

Please help, since I'm sure I'm not the only one suffering with this.

Thanks, Lothringer15


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you could be one of the few sufferers!
If I select "No sounds", or isolate stop l sounds, it works for me.


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Selecting No Sounds works on my computer.
However I chose to put in all new sounds of my own that I like.


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