Disc drives acting funky & trouble burning dvd

Have perused the topics but did not find a particular post specific to my concern.

First of all, having trouble burning dvd's and that lead to the current issue. The process does not seem to be straightforward.

Built a machine this past spring with 2 disc drives:
Blu-ray Intel SSDSC2CW12 (drive D)
ASUS Disc ST 2000DM001-9YN1 (drive E)

While attempting to burn a movie from Windows Movie Maker (and others in the past) I encountered twists and turns and they will not clear of "items waiting to be burned". In fact they now show as per screen shot, as if a music CD is inserted. Also, when double clicked Media Player opens and attempts to play. When I open the drives (both) they show an audio track of 1KB. When I right click it on the track to delete it it will not bring up a menu. I can not delete this thing and it has hijacked both drives, acting as if they have an audio cd in them. Before the D drive was label as a dvd drive since it is primarily a Blu-ray device. How on earth do I delete these phantom audio and get my drives back. Also, if you have any handy tips on getting a DVD to burn properly I'd appreciate it.


A BTW .........I did successfully burn a DVD of this presentation my wife had me make but upon some editing I went to burn it again and no go. I have also had horrible (none) with trying to burn a couple of TV shows to disc. I have tried DVD Flick, Windows Movie Maker and a couple of others I do not recall. Nada............why the hell is it so difficult? I have been able to burn so they'd work on a puter but not on a player. And yes I have tried to match up the file types so that they are playable on the dvd player.

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