Disconnect at exactly 10 minutes

My problem is the following :
I've got 2 computers connected to a DIR-600 router.One is a PC with WIN XP and one is a laptop with WIN 7.
Sometimes i'm playing a MMO game and if i play it on the PC everything's ok,no disconnect for hours-days and when it does dc me it's because of the game's server.
But when i play on the laptop(either thru cable or wireless) i get dc'ed at exactly 10 minutes though everything's the same like on the PC except the OS and clrearly the computer setup.
So ? what's the problem ?
I've tried all kind of stuff : setting up the router(DMZ,disable firewall) ,new drivers and other stuff.Nothing seems to work and i'm pretty sure it's not the game or the routers fault since on my PC it works just fine and the router and the game are the same like on the laptop.

Please help me...i've been struggling with this issue for 3 days now and no positive result..i'm really starting to lose my mind here.. :(


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The first thing I would suggest is to examine all your power saving options, Control Panel, Power Options, change plan settings, change advanced settings, especially some of the specific settings like Wireless Adapter Settings. Also check device manager you'll probably find that many of the devices (network adapters, etc.) have a power management tab, make sure that the allow computer to turn off device is unchecked see if that makes any difference at all.
Also can you explain what exactly is being disconnected. Are you dropping the entire internet connections or can you still browse the internet (and are just being disconnected from the game server).
What do you have to do to recover from the disconnect. Do you have to reboot, or just the connection just come back on it's own?
What type of firewall and or internet security suite are you using.
Is there a firmware upgrade for your router?
Keep us posted.

i've already tried the power saving stuff,all of them.

Well only the game disconnects but that's the funny thing that it disconnects at exactly 10 minutes.
The internet connection doesn't drop(Or at least it's so fast in getting back up that i don't notice but i don't think so).
Firewalls and anti virus software are shut down,uninstalled.
The router has dd-wrt installed.
As i said..on the other computer,the PC everything is just perfect,playing days in a row without even one disconnect and that computer shares the same router and the same game.
i tried running it as admin and in compatibility..still disconnects..


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I know in the past that, that particular router is known to have some issues with DNS forwarding. I'm not sure if with the DD-WRT firmware installed if that particular problem persists, but it probably wouldn't hurt to try hard coding the DNS server properties to use a public DNS server, in the properties of IPv4 for your two network interface cards, also while you are about it, try unchecking IPv6 on both just to see if that makes a difference.
Google provide two public dns servers
Does this problem only happen with the one game? If so which one(s) we have a lot of gamers on the forum who might have some specific experience with your particular game issues.
By the way, Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums.

Check the pc with the problem for the Bonjour service running or not. It's running and possibly causing a problem if you have mdnsresponder.exe in the task manager.

It isn't too difficult to remove but must be done correctly.

and how do i search for it ? :D sorry..noob here.


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Run a Command Prompt (Start, Run, type "cmd", Enter)
And type in "ping -t", keep this window open while you play your game and see if packets are lost during the disconnection.
If they aren't lost then I would really look more closely at the game, perhaps their network is having issues... and the game's forum would probably be more helpful.


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As TorrentG explain in his post, an indicator that the Bonjour Service is running would show up in taskmanager as a service called mdnsresponder.exe
So right click the taskbar and choose Start Task Manager and under the processes tab in the column called Image Name look to see if you have mdnsresponder.exe listed.
It's a product that can cause some issues with DNS name resolution and is usually installed as part of a software installation like
Itunes, Adobe CS3, Adobe CS4 and other software products.
Hope this helps.

hell yea !
I've found the problem.

What i did was to end every task except csrss,explorer,mmc,taskhost,taskmgr and winlogon and guess what. it's been 30 minutes since i'm logged in and got no disconnect.
I have to leave now but i'll come back and do some tests to find out which one was causing the trouble more exactly and i'll post here.

Daamn i'm so happy :D
I was getting ready to install a dual boot XP :D Yay !


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Congrats, thanks for updating your thread. Yes please post back when you find the actual resolution. I would certainly be interested in what you ultimately find.
You may find this article helpful in tracking down the offending process CleanBoot

it appears that the problem was generated by "utility.exe"(Lenovo Battery Management Software Ver3.0)
Well it's a good thing that it is nothing that i couldn't live without :D
Me happy :D
Thanks for the support guys :D

LE : It appears that energy management.exe has to be closed too in order for the game not to disconnect.

Anyway...the problem and the solution are pretty clear i think..so if anyone else experiences this problem they should try and close some of their tasks

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