Disk 100 percent and slowing down pc


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Help I'm encountering 100 percent disk problem as you can see in this picture I have tried everything to fix it like disabling sys main windows search and background and start-up apps I also did an antivirus scan but there were no threats detected then I try to run a dism command then I checked disk for errors but no error was found then I try a factory reset on my computer but it still comeback after installing some games all the temps are fine
and also the disk is suddenly at 100 percent after startup and it makes my computer very slow for a while

i5 8600K 3.60 GHz
MSI Gtx 1060 6 GB
G.skill 16 GB 2400 RAM
MSI z370 tomahawk motherboard
1tb HHD Seagate
Screenshot (8).png


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Not a whole lot to go on, but based on the picture I would start by investigating iCUE.