Disk doesnt boot?

Ok well I have this Microsoft Licensing disk that I got from my dads work, and it says on it:

Microsoft Windows Vista Business
Service Pack 1
(used for all editions of Vista)

June 2008
Windows Client: Business

And I've been trying to boot off it, but it just wont do it.
And yes, all my boot order is correct, and there are absolutely no scratches on it.
When I look at the disk inside XP, I can explore it and i find a few files, like setup.exe, etc., but if i try to open it, it says "spinstall.exe is not a valid Win32 application."

I also tried booting off it on 2 different machines, and still nothing happened.

Thanks in advance,


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And you do have Vista installed on your computer? SP1 is normally run from inside Vista, unless it is the streamed version which comes complete with the OS installation.

No I have windows XP running right now, and I'm trying to install Vista.
Here are my system specs if you need them:

Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP2
AMD Athlon(tm) 64 X2 Dual Core Processor 5000+
2.60 GHz, 1GB of RAM

Hi Sircaa

Could you be trying to install a 32 bit version of the OS onto a 64 bit version of machine or vice-versa???????


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Are you sure it's not just the service pack? The clue being 'spinstall is not a valid win32 app', I'm sure 'sp' stands for service pack and perhaps this was just a disk included with a copy of vista business??


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Yes, it is only a stand alone SP1. You need to install a Vista version before you can use the disk.

Okay. I'll ask my dad to try and get a hold of a full Vista CD, thanks much guys.

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