DLNA server on windows 8.1 block control features over LAN.

I stay at a hotel so my connection is public since it is shared.

I recently installed the Kooraroo Media streaming software on my Computer and found a problem in it.
It does have the feature to block new devices but it also has a web interface. The web interface can be accessed from any device on the network without any limitation or security. But there is an added option in the link like this: IP address: port number /html

I can see on the firewall connections list that this software uses over 30 ports. So I assume that at least one of them can control the web interface feature and maybe more than one. But it takes too long to test each one.

I also tried to edit the host file to block it. I managed to block internet websites but not this one. Maybe it needs a different setting for that.
I did testing from the same machine and from a remote one and it failed on both cases.

So is there an easy way to find a way to block a part of the program and not all of it?

I added the list in the attachment...



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In the Windows firewall you can block by application, so I'd just block traffic for the entire application

I can't do that because it is a DLNA server. I still use it to stream to my devices through other features.

Your response it not helpful at all. Please do not add more if you do not know.


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Why you'd be using this on a publically accessible network is beyond me. If you don't want people to access the web interface on that public network then you'd have to block the application. Web interfaces will generally be on 80 or 443 or a variant of that such as 8080, 8443, 4443 and you will want to block that. I know what I'm talking about and don't care if you don't like that answer. A DLNA server shouldn't be run on a public network such as a hotel network. If you don't like the answer go read the documentation and best practices for DLNA it will probably tell you the same thing.

The free 32-bit version 2.4.0 of Kooraroo DLNA Media server has the web interface option disabled by default.

So this issue is closed.

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