Do keyboard shortcuts change with Language Packs?

Hi all.

My question is regarding keyboard shortcuts (ctrl-c=copy, ctrl-x=cut, etc.) and Language Packs.

I am currently living in Latin America and can only buy the spanish version of Windows 7.

I know that if I get "Ultimate", I can download an english Language Pack for free, so it'd be as if I had purchase my copy in the US.
However, I'm very used to english keyboard shortcuts, and need to know if installing a Language Pack will also change them. For instance, the shortcut for "bold" in english systems is usually ctrl-b, while on spanish systems is ctrl-n (as the spanish world for bold starts with an n). The english shortcut for "select all" is ctrl-a, while on spanish is ctrl-e (God knows why...).

So, if I get the spanish version of Windows 7 Ultimate and install the English Language Pack, will my shortcuts' combinations change to the ones in the english versions of Windows, or remain in spanish's?

I'd really appreciate any and all help with this question.


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Here is a list of shortcuts for Spanish Windows 7...
Métodos abreviados de teclado

But why don't you buy a English version of Windows 7 from Amazon?

Unless you are out in the jungle (which is possible I suppose) you should have it within a few days.

Then you wouldn't have to spring for Ultimate unless you need it for other reasons. windows 7: Software


Thank you for the list.
It'll become useful, as I'm affraid i'll be stuck with spanish shortcuts, as when I said I cannot get an english version of windows is because this is a brand new computer I plan to buy, and Dell won't sell me one that's not in spanish if my delivery address is not in the US.
That's why I asked about changing the keyboard shortcuts, as the systm will come with spanish windows pre-installed.

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