Do you use your laptop as a desktop?

Do you use your laptop as a desktop? I do. I have my laptop connected to a 20" monitor(details in sig) while the laptop sits in a shelf under my desk with the lid closed. Do any of you do this?


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I will occasionally use my laptop on my 50' via HDMI when I'm playing a game, but otherwise it serves as my primary computer, I do have a desktop which I use only for 5.1 surround..


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My wife and I both use our laptops as our primary PC's with our desktop becoming a storage area for backups. I have plugged my laptop to our HD LCD TV to watch a movie, but otherwise the laptops are much more convenient to sit in front of TV or at dinning table etc. We can move them where ever we want, even the patio.

Cool! When I want to get away from my desk, I just take my iPad downstairs and use Splashtop to access my PC.

You can use a laptop for whatever you want, but for shear power, you can't beat a good desktop computer.

My desktop could rival many Mainframe computers for shear speed and power. In years past, I ran a mainframe for the County, that was not nearly as powerful as my current PC.

I do have several laptops, but I use them more for "show & tell" than for any serious computing.
One ten-year old Toshiba, that I resurrected and reloaded with windows XP, Pro, SP3 is currently out on loan.
I also have one really sweet little Acer Aspire ONE, netbook. She's my Go-Anywhere PC.
I carry her around in an armored case, so she stays SAFE.

For the ultimate in Wi-Fi surfing, I use a USB, Wireless, 150N adapter and a 9db gain antenna.

Using Team Viewer, I can access any file on my home computer from anywhere I go. So I don't have to carry large volumes of files with me on the laptop.

Cheers Mates!

I have done this before myself, but atm I prefer my proper desktop as a desktop... gigantic case, big whopping processor and a couple of graphics cards. Gaming laptops are just too cumbersome for me so I like a good desktop. However, I take my laptops with me to places (along with my ASUS Transformer TF-101) and end up using a laptop for a lot of everyday computing. I often leave a laptop on the TV shelf connected to the TV via HDMI and use it as a media player with VLC. Great to use Splashtop and VLC remote on Android with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S2) and tablet.

I also use my laptop as a desktop because i think it feel good to watch a movie or somethintg else in a big screen. I use it as a desktop at home but not outside.

Ever since I sprung for my 23" SyncMaster P2370HD back in January. I shortly hooked that up to my old 300-Watt JVC MX-KB30 Stereo through AUX, sprung for a wireless keyboard and mouse, then tossed on a Satechi 12-port USB Hub to have better control over my two external HDD's and other peripherals. I really like it this way, but as soon as I am able I'm going to build a proper rig and perhaps use my Notebook to control that system (don't think I will ever get rid of my Notebook until or unless it fries out *knocks on wood*).

But, I keep the lid open and the keypad within reach. I've set it to display other pages separate from the main external display. Very useful.

I just really like being able to unplug the 3 external devices and have it with me when I need it. Can't do that with a desktop! :worship:

I will when it is economically feasible to have a Quad laptop ... well, I don't know, even then I just really need all that desktop provides like the video card and what not ...

I have both a netbook and a Notebook (laptop) and neither can hold a candle to my Desktop, for sheer computing power.

Being in the 'business' I know all the attributes to all the different types of computers and what they will do and what they Can't do.

I have a Android Tablet PC on order and it will be something fun to play with, but definitely only a play toy.
I can take it with me to places that have open WiFi and I'll be able to access my home PC via WiFi and Team Viewer. I'll even be able to make free phone calls through my home PC, using Google Phone.

Like I said, it will be another fun play toy.

Cheers Mates!
Shadow :cool:


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Using Team Viewer, I can access any file on my home computer from anywhere I go. So I don't have to carry large volumes of files with me on the laptop.
That is a good idea. Never thought of that. I presume that requires that the desktop stays on-line all the time.

I actually prefer my desktop for sheer power and the 22" screen although my Toshiba laptop with an i5 and a SSD runs pretty well too.

I use a laptop for work and a desktop at home.


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Nah, laptops are too slow for any serious work. I have an i5 and an i7 laptop - even with a 1GB GPU and acres of RAM, but my desktop beats them hands down. And then I don't really like the laptop keyboards - too rubbery and the damn pad is always in the way. I use the laptops only 'on the road'.


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From 2000 through 2009, my laptops were my desktops (my job required it through 2006), as I never had a desktop until a month after Windows 7 was released. They were Dell Latitudes, I can't remember the first model number, but the 2nd was a C640, perhaps the one that made the Latitude brand (and Dell) famous. I used that laptop for 6 years. Then I got a D610.

The C640 & D610 had plenty of ports, so at home I had a monitor, mouse & keyboard for both. Got them for free. There was an office building that was being cleaned out near work, behind it was a dumpster full of PC's & related accessories. I grabbed 4 monitors, 4 keyboards & 4 mice & 2 printers (and cabling for the monitors). Had I been driving my truck, I'd have had several PC's for free. I called a friend who was in need of a PC, he took his truck & loaded up, ended up with 3 working PC's, 1 for he & his wife, and 1 each for his kids.

Anyway, I went home, cleaned up my newly found treasures, and had 2 nice makeshift PC's, along with printers for both. The only thing that I didn't like about the printers were they were of the ribbon type, not a inkjet or laserjet. They worked similar to the mobile printers on the route trucks that the company that I worked for had. But still, at that time, a printer was a printer. I got all of the ribbons that I needed from work.

Thinking about this thread, I'm going to get a monitor, keyboard & mouse for my T42 ThinkPad. I could see it a lot better, and I wouldn't have to reach around so far to type on it. Newegg often runs deals on monitors, or I could check out the local Hospice store, they have tons of older PC's & accessories. But I want a flat screen, not one of those bulky CRT ones (like the ones I mentioned above).

Good laptops make decent desktops, one just has to be creative, and use the available ports to their advantage. BTW, what happened to all of those ports on newer laptops? My MSI FX603 only has a HDMI output port, not the assortment that the older Dells, and my ThinkPad does. And where's the docking stations? There were nice to have, too.


if i see film i will use it , the laptop screen is too small


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Reading this thread reminded me of old days. So yesterday I took my old T42 ThinkPad, which came with a docking station, it has ports for everything. Using the docking station, I was able to connect a really nice monitor (when it was made), a mouse, keyboard, speakers & a old Dell 720 Photo Printer that I had in the closet.

That notebook looks almost as good (& has a larger screen) than my desktop does. The monitor is a like new NEC MulitSync LCD 1960NX, which cost over $700 in it's day (2002-2003). Much better than the 14.1 inch screen on the ThinkPad. The Logitech S120 speakers sounds really good. The printer leaves a little to be desired, but being that it dual boots Windows 2000 Pro & XP MCE, my main Kodak printer wouldn't work with 2K. It does B&W prints good, though.

From a distance, one wouldn't think it's a notebook. At any rate, it works very well.



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I recently purchased a new 24" slim monitor as an extension for my notebook and also a small TV for my Xbox. Using is as an extended on my PC, I must say I've never been more pleased with a purchase in my life and it indefinitely makes it easier for me to do work here on the forum, while also typing notes for reviews at school.

Now if I could just afford to build an awesome desktop.


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I mainly fixed up that laptop as a desktop for my wife, she knows how to use XP OK. On my main PC, which has tri-boot options for XP MCE, Windows 7 Pro x64 & Windows 8 CP x64, she becomes confused as to what to do. She's not that computer literate, all of those boot options are too much.

This allows for her to pick out what she wants to buy on the net, then I order whatever on my PC for her. Works out well for both of us.



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You are lucky. You can screen what she is buying. My wife just buys. That's the disadvantage of having a computer literate wife.


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Oh, she does, too! She just gets me to do the ordering (& returns if it's not right) for her.

She can't wait until payday each month. I suppose I'm a bit guilty of the same, but I spend less than half of what she does. But unless it's discounted, she won't buy it. Neither will I. Much of what I buy is computer related, I never pay full price for software.

Newegg has security software for a fraction of what the OEM's charges. Same with RAM.


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