Does a system repair disc need updating?


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I create a new system image every week on a secondary internal drive. Do I need to make a new system repair disc too, or will the existing one continue to function?


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If you're using a system image to reset/re-install the OS, the use of the system repair disc is a bit redundant. Generally the system repair disc only pertains to an OEM system. Where as a retail OS is the system repair disc.


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Sorry, but I don't understand this answer. In the event of a crash I can boot from a repair disc (just as I can from the original installation disc) in order to restore from the system image. Having said that, though, it seems obvious that the repair disc does not need an update for each new image, so that is an answer in itself.


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No update required for Windows imaging. If you use a commercial Imaging program like Macrium, updates are sometimes required. But they tell you in the change log and it is rare.


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Thanks for the reply. I was assuming I could go on creating system images in Windows without any problem, just querying whether I needed a new system repair disc for a new image. But now I guess not.


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Quite often, if you get real trouble with Windows, it's actually faster to clean the disk and re-install everything, instead of getting grey hair or loosing some, trying to fight the issue.

It's highly to advice, have your personal stuff on another disk, or at least another partition. That way you can re-install Windows without a need to think about what happens to your Crown Jewelry.

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